Do you have what it takes to be a part of our Skateboard or Snowboard team? Prove it! Please send Video footage with an e-mail explaining why we should choose you.


Most importantly we look for people with a good Personality, positive attitude, and who are just as passionate about skateboarding and snowboarding than ourselves and our current shop riders. This is as important if not more so, than your skill level on a skateboard or snowboard. Having an ego and bad attitude will overshadow your skills.


Skaters: We are not interested in a list of tricks that you can do in your driveway, We’re looking for well rounded skateboarders with good style who can do a variety of tricks on variety of different obstacles. Consistency is very important, put as many lines in your video as possible. We don’t want to see footage of ‘one-hit-wonder’ tricks that take you all day to land once. Skate parks are cool and are a great place to learn new tricks, but skateboarding was born on the streets and continues to progress in the streets. Your video should offer a variety of skating with the majority of the footage being filmed in the streets. Get Creative, there is a trick for every spot.


Snowboarders: The same applies to you. We are looking for well rounded riders who can hold it down from jumps in the back country to rails in the park. Terrain parks are a great place to learn tricks and hone your skills, but if you want to get noticed you will have to be stepping it up in the streets and in the back country.


Remember. Getting sponsored should not be the reason you skate or snowboard, just have fun with it and be thankful for every chance you get to step foot on a skateboard or strap into a snowboard.


Send team applications to: