Geremy Guido -STATE

Fresh out of the Film Inc Media lab comes our boy Geremy Guido’s 2011/12 season edit. I know We are in the dead of summer, so stop whining about the heat and take a minute to cool down and watch some really good snowboarding.

STATE – Geremy Guido 2012 from on Vimeo.

STATE – the definitive annual release of any given rider.
Geremy Gudio is a 21 year old Sun Peaks, B.C. local who also spent the 2011 winter in New Zealand, Gudio has effortless style,a relaxed approach and a huge bag of tricks.

Liam Hall
Jay Leoppky
Kaleb Weston
Kieran Nikula
Andrew Paul

Post Production
Liam Hall

Santigold | L.E.S. Artistes


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