Jed Anderson Full Part

What do you get when you cross an awesome skateboarder with a professional snowboarder? You get Jed Anderson. Watch this! Jed in Full. Check it out here  

Geremy Guido -STATE

Fresh out of the Film Inc Media lab comes our boy Geremy Guido’s 2011/12 season edit. I know We are in the dead of summer, so stop whining about the heat and take a minute to cool down and watch some really good snowboarding. STATE – Geremy Guido 2012 from on Vimeo. STATE – the definitive annual release of any given rider. Geremy Gudio is a 21 year old Sun Peaks, B.C. local who also spent the 2011 winter in New Zealand, Gudio has effortless style,a relaxed approach and a huge bag... Read The Rest →


Here is a really inspiring short film project posted at the Berrics. Incredible skating, incredible filming, incredible editing. Click the image or link below to watch. 

Welcome to our new site.

  Welcome to our new site. We know, This is long overdue but we hope you like it and check back every once in a while. We are still working out some bugs and will be adding more content soon. We will be adding Photos, Video edits, new products, and random stuff we think is worth while.  We have really strived to make sure that our website and content work well with mobile devices. We are excited about taking advantage of the incredibly awesome instagram application. Please follow or like... Read The Rest →

lots of new SB

We are fully stocked on the best shoes from the Nike signature line. These are definitely some of the best shoes out there for summer 12. You wont find these shoes in too many stores around here, they are skate shop only exclusive.                                                                                              ... Read The Rest →


Out with a bang! Loser Laps Vol. 3 From Peaks Resort. Big Thanks to liam Hall from Film inc., and the LSL boys for filming and cutting this one up. LoserLaps Vol3 from LIam Hall on Vimeo. LoserLaps Vol3 filmed at SunPeaks Resort BC. Riders Graham Birdman Mear Cody Jerome Ed Gallant Jay Tobey Loeppky Jeong Kim Geremy Guido Filming Liam Hall Andrew Paul Additional Filming Kieran Nikula Kaleb Weston Editing Liam Hall Music Santigold – Disparate Youth

Spy Helm Limited EDITION.

We have a few of the Spy Helm Limited edition Ken Block shades left in stock. Get them before they are gone for good! Extra temple set included. Check out the ken block/spy video below.